Paducah Bank is a Super Shredder

paducahbankIsASuperPaducah Bank recently joined with WPSD News- Channel 6 for one of its Super Shredder events to promote the importance of shredding identifying documents. The risks of identity theft are becoming more and more of a reality even in non-urban areas like Paducah. In order to emphasize the need
to protect yourself from these invasive and potentially damaging acts, Paducah Bank offers the following recommendations:

  • Keep your credit cards, debit cards, personal identification numbers and other passwords, checks, social security cards, etc. where they will be safe. When disposing of these items, do so by shredding.
  • Keep your deposit and withdrawal slips, receipts, bank statements, utility bills, insurance information, etc. where they will be safe. When disposing of them, do so by shredding.
  • Don’t put your trash out until shortly before it will be picked up.
  • Mail payments and other items that contain personal information at a US Postal Service drop box rather than your curb-side mailbox.
  • Limit the information on your checks and don’t carry more cards than necessary.
  • Use a firewall if you have a high-speed Internet connection.
  • Examine your credit card and bank statements immediately upon receipt to determine whether there are any unauthorized transactions. Report any that you find.
  • Obtain copies of your credit report annually from each of the three major credit-reporting agencies.

According to Ashley Ottway, the bank’s BSA Officer, Paducah Bank will never call you and ask you to verify personal information (i.e., bank account number, social security number, debit card number, PIN, etc.) “Those who steal personal information have become quite savvy and they may call you and use the name of someone who works at the bank,” she adds. “The important thing to know is that Paducah Bank will never call you and ask for that information. If you receive a call such as this, never give them the information. Immediately call the bank and let us know you received a call of this nature. We will then keep an eye on your account to make sure no unusual activity occurs. Your personal information is just that—personal.”