Paducah Bank Helped the Talley Family Construct A Fairy Tale Story With a Very Happy Ending

It Doesn’t Take a Magic Wand to See Your Dream Home Become a Reality, Just the Right Bank and Some Creative Characters

Once upon a time there was a home improvement project. But this home improvement project grew and grew, until it became a home transformation project. And when you decide to turn a lovely maiden into the belle of the ball, you should probably have complete faith in your craftsmen and your banker . . . not your fairy godmother!


David Talley, Paducah cardiologist, and his wife, Millie, had both on their side when they arrived in Paducah from Little Rock and found a house in the perfect location. “We began with the intention of enlarging the kitchen,” Dr. Talley explains. About a year and a half and thousands of dollars later, the Talley’s had doubled the size of the original structure with the help of contractor Daryl Smith. “When we began the expansion project, we found structural damage which then led us to a critical decision,” he remembers. The conclusion? To stay where they knew they wanted to geographically be and create the home they’d always wanted. That’s where Paducah Bank’s Carla Berry and the craftsmen came in . . . with their magic wands.

“I can’t overstate how critical Carla was to this long and painstaking process,” Dr. Talley comments. “It wasn’t a difficult decision for them to approve our improvement project needs. But when the process began to take on such massive proportions, I think there are banks which would have taken a dim view of what we decided to do. But Carla and Paducah Bank believed in us from the beginning. They showed tremendous patience as the project became more and more complex and more and more costly. I can honestly say that we wouldn’t have this house in its current state without Carla’s assistance.”

And there’s more to relationship banking than providing funding. “Carla personally helped us with construction decisions and ideas for both financing the project and pulling other aspects of the building project into place,” Dr. Talley adds. “There was always constant attention to our needs and to this process, the communication was open, and she had a very hands-on approach to almost every aspect of this sometimes arduous building project.”



David and Millie Talley also found capable and trustworthy craftsmen in the community (like the people at B&B for tile) to visually create the splendid ideas they had in mind for a not only enlarged, but grandly designed, kitchen and a master bath/bedroom suite that would make any commoner feel like royalty. “My focus for the bathroom,” laughs Millie, “was to create an environment as wonderful as any fine hotel we’ve stayed in.” The Four Seasons has nothing on this gleam- ing, artistic rendition of a room to which the moniker bathroom is simply not suited.

The elegant, eclectic kitchen is the Talley’s greatest accomplishment given the many-faceted plan for this residential re-birth. “We probably have 25% of the project funds in this room,” David admits. “And this was the room with definitely the most significant transformation.” The galley kitchen in the original structure has been given a Cinderella story ending. Graceful woodwork and striking columns (created by Dave’s Cabinet Shop) on a floor-to- ceiling fireplace surround is a glass-slipper-like anchor to the room’s far wall. A taupe and cream granite counter runs the length of the room and delicately wrought iron handrails border steps into a sunlit family room.


A propeller from David’s father’s plane has a place of honor over the entryway to the lower level. And a vintage chandelier, belonging to his mother, has been exactingly reworked by Southfork Lighting to contemporize its exquisite amber Tiffany shade. “We have incorporated nostalgic, personal items into almost every room,” Millie comments. Other examples include a hallway memorial, of sorts, dedicated to David’s father’s military career and antique pieces from his family home. “I wanted the house to have a timeless feel,” Millie recalls. “I wanted it to be traditional but in a funky way; tradition with a twist.”


This renovation/metamorphosis also gave the Talley’s the opportunity to design and build a completely new garage and to add a basement which is still a work in progress. Barry Driver, a Paducah interiors artist, gave columns in the courtly bathroom a crackled, old-world look and many rooms acquired a depth of color by virtue of his variety of faux paint techniques. Aprile Wisner, of Copper Door Interiors, assisted Millie with design elements from the tinkling tassels on the dining room window treatments to the calming colors of the taupe and cream guest suite and a host of tantalizing touches in between.

The story may have had its antagonists along the way, but the ending is truly reminiscent of living happily ever after. “We would NOT want to do it again,” both David and Millie heartily agree. But both also concede that it was worth the wait. The Talley’s, their two children, and now even their parents, who have moved to Paducah, agree that this is where they want to be and where they want to stay.

“Actually, we don’t have to ever worry about doing it again,” Dr. Talley says. “Because we don’t plan to go anywhere. This is home. So we can simply hand the house down to our children!”