Mind. Body. Soul.

Medical Spa 7 provides spa services with a healthy approach in a beautifully relaxing atmosphereloree 3 color

“I am very interested in healthy living  and taking care of yourself, both inside and out,” says Loree Eckstein, owner of Paducah’s Medical Spa 7. “We travel quite a bit and I have had the opportunity to visit some wonderful spas in a variety of cities.   I decided to challenge myself and design a spa that would allow local residents in Paducah and the surrounding area to enjoy a first-class experience right here at home.”

Medical Spa 7 is more than just a typical spa.  Loree and her staff are heavily focused on providing first-rate, professional services that enrich the lives of the people they serve every day.

“It is very rewarding for me to see and hear the positive feedback from our clients,” Loree says. “We see amazing results and improvements on all types of issues from head to toe.  Our entire staff is truly passionate about making sure that every individual experience at Medical Spa 7 exceeds the client’s expectations .”

Loree and her team continue to evolve with regard to products and services so that clients find their spa experience both relaxing and invigorating. She and her professionally trained staff devote time and effort in order to discover new and healthy solutions that bring an atmosphere of healing to mind, body, and soul.

Medical Spa 7 offers a variety of services, including aesthetic, laser and light therapies, body treatments, massage, nail services and physician services. The spa also carries a full line of retail products featuring bath, body, and skincare products, candles, pajamas, and fragrances.

Loree is also something more than just an ordinary businesswoman with a vision for bringing Paducah spa services to the next level. With five children in tow and a variety of philanthropic projects in her queue, it is important that she develop a satisfying relationship with a local bank. Megan Heine at Paducah Bank has made that relationship possible.

“It’s nice to have a local relationship with our bank and especially one that is so well thought of in our community,” Loree says. “We like the idea of supporting our homegrown businesses here in our hometown, and banking with Paducah Bank is just another way to show how we can all work together to support each other and to be mutually successful.”