Meghan Heine

MeghanHeineIf you’ve spent any time on the second floor of Paducah Bank’s main branch, then you’ve probably noticed a few friendly faces in the Wealth Management Department. One of those smiling faces belongs to Meghan Heine, one of Paducah Bank’s private banking loan officers. Meghan has been with Paducah Bank since 2008 and is also an Assistant Vice President.

Meghan smiles, mostly because she can’t imagine herself doing anything else! But also because she knows that the work she does in the office and after hours truly makes a difference in the community.

Meghan’s days are focused on building relationships with her customers, helping them to achieve their goals, and working towards realizing their dreams. However, when the workday is complete she doesn’t sit around idle. Instead, she spends much of her spare time volunteering as a board member for the Purchase Area Sexual Assault Center (PASAC) and serving others through the Charity League of Paducah.

“I became involved with PASAC in 2012, after participating in Leadership Paducah,” Meghan says. “During the course of the year with Leadership Paducah, we toured several organizations in our community, and PASAC’s work really made an impact on me. Sexual assault happens in our world, in our state, and in our community. It might not be in the forefront of our minds or on the news, but it happens to people in all walks of life including men, women, and children.”

One of her favorite Paducah events is PASAC’s Men Who Cook, held every year in March. Although it’s a night of fun and entertainment, Meghan never loses sight of the importance of PASAC in the community, nor her role as a board member.

 “My main goal as a board member is to see the organization grow through continued education efforts and support for those affected by sexual assault,” Meghan says.

If her service to PASAC wasn’t enough, Meghan also dedicates many hours of volunteer time each year to Paducah’s Charity League. The Charity League raises money to support the West Kentucky Easter Seals through annual events such as the Snow Ball, the Bargain Fair, and a golf scramble. Its members also support the Easter Seals through volunteerism, dedicating hours of their time and resources to help spread the word about the services and programs offered to people with special needs in our region.

This all sounds like a lot of work, but for Meghan, serving through Charity League is not only rewarding, it’s also a lot of fun.

“I am always looking for an opportunity to help better our community, and Charity League is filled with wonderful, like-minded women,” Meghan says. “Charity League is a great way to network, make new friends, and to help our community at the same time!”

Meghan joined Paducah Bank in 2008 as a loan assistant. She worked in that role for three years before taking on a new role as a private banking loan officer at the main branch. Her new position offers many of the privileges that her volunteer work provides.

“The highlight of being a private banking loan officer is that I get to help people. There’s a great sense of pride that comes with seeing a client reach his/her goal. These may range from a first time homeowner, to someone purchasing a dream home, to saving a client money through debt consolidation or refinancing. I enjoy all of these because I am making a client happy,” Meghan says.

When Meghan’s clients say “thank you,” she knows that she has done her job well. She knows that she has made a positive impact on those who rely on her to suggest innovative solutions and to present personalized service. Meghan takes her role at the bank and through volunteerism very seriously. She knows that what she is doing is important.

“Every day I work to live by the golden rule, to treat others the way I would want to be treated,” Meghan says. “It’s important for young people to be involved in their community because you get back what you put in. If we want to see it succeed and continue to be a place where we can raise our children, and our children can raise their children, then we need to contribute to its success.”