Meet Ernie and Penny!

penny2These little piggies have a new name!

Recently Paducah Bank sent out the word that their new piggy banks needed a name. The bank received more than 250 entries providing clever, creative and apt appellations for the bank’s new piggy bank icons.

pennyPaducah Bank’s Coin Club is a learn and earn initiative to help young people grasp the great return on savings. When you open a Coin Club account at Paducah Bank, your money earns interest and converts to a regular savings account at age 18. There are no monthly fees and you receive six withdrawals per quarter! Plus you get a free piggy bank (named Penny or Ernie—you can choose!)


These winners each came up with either Penny or Ernie and received $100 for their winning entries! Congratulations all!
Willow Aspery Kathryn McCarthy Heather Weaver
Sherrie Caylor Walker McNeill Angela White
Karen Crowe Teresa Morgan Kathy Wilkinson
Kali Irene Everette Rachael Oldja Selaney Yancey
Cathi Harrison Faith Oliver Elizabeth Young
Ashley Higdon Carla Walker