Making a Clean Living

stanley steemer kirk colorKirk Studzinski knows a little something about hard work and making dreams come true.

Having begun his career in 1985 driving a cleaning truck for Stanley Steemer in Dayton, OH, Kirk now owns four franchises of the business and manages 35 employees in Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri and Tennessee.

The road to success wasn’t easy, but Kirk has always been willing to take a risk in spite of any doubt that friends and family may have voiced along the way.

“Don’t ever let anyone ruin your dreams,” Kirk says. “Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done. Successful people are the ones who aren’t afraid to take a chance.”

It wasn’t long before Kirk and his wife opened a Stanley Steemer franchise in Richmond, IN. And within a few years, the couple seized the opportunity to purchase the Paducah franchise as well. That was just the beginning for the Studzinskis.

Within the first five years of living in Paducah, the Studzinskis sold their Indiana property and acquired franchises in Marion, IL, Cape Girardeau, MO, and Jackson, TN.

Kirk loves being his own boss and he values the employees who have helped make his business a success. The four franchises Kirk operates specialize in residential and commercial work. They recently began selling flooring, as well. He and his employees take pride in everything they do, from carpet cleaning to water damage restoration, to cleaning air ducts and tile and grout.

“Our goal is to provide the best customer service we can. We always follow up with a customer after a job we’ve done because we want to be sure everyone is satisfied,” Kirk says. “If our customers aren’t happy, then we want to have the opportunity to make it right.”

The company went entirely paperless about 10 years ago. Although the change required a significant financial investment, it has helped to improve customer service. Customers can now pay for their services using a credit card right there on location.

This past year, Stanley Steemer expanded its Paducah operation, providing much needed floor space and new opportunities to increase their business. Each year, Kirk has watched his business grow,  and Paducah Bank has been there to cheer him on and to help him be successful in his endeavors.

“Tom Clayton was our first loan officer at Paducah Bank when we first moved here in 1995, and we’ve maintained a good relationship ever since,” Kirk says. “Paducah Bank has helped us grow our business. Every time we’ve needed them, they’ve been there for us.”