Look Who’s Talking! (and where!)


People stopped keeping their egg money in sugar bowls and took it to the bank. A man with a green eye-shade and a smug disposition took the egg money, put it in a vault and kept it safe (unless Jesse James hung out on your dusty streets!) Steel bars kept the money in and the thieves out (well, there was also John Dillinger, of course). Tellers were hired to pass the cash through the steel bars when you made a withdrawal.

Then Henry Ford invented cars. Now you could drive up to the friendly customer service representative and he or she would not only give you your money, they’d give you a sucker and your dog a treat.

Then Al Gore invented the Internet. Now you could sit on your front porch with your dog and just watch your money flying through the air without ever even touching it. All you needed was a plastic card and a pin number. (Remember when pins were used for hats and diapers?)

Then Mark Zuckerburg (or Chris Hughes or whoever) invented Facebook. Which brings us to the latest development in the history of banking.


looke whos talkingThe way we talk to each other is changing. And it’s changing rapidly. Just as the Pony Express led to the telegraph, which led to the telephone, which led to the iPhone, today’s businesses and citizens are adapting to ever-evolving mechanisms of keeping in touch. And we’re not just keeping in touch with the people next door, we’re talking to people around the world.

“Word of mouth has always proven to be the most effective way to reach constituents,” says Wally Bateman, Paducah Bank President. “Posting and tweeting and emailing are simply a new manifestation of word of mouth.”

Moving forward in any industry or environment means moving along with the flow of information and technology. In today’s instant messaging modes of communications, it’s vital to maintain a dialogue where the people have gathered to converse. In today’s world that’s on Facebook and Twitter.

“To remain successful, we must constantly change and adapt to the needs, desires and habits of our customers. Communication and the exchange of information are critical to our continued success and many of our younger customers have come to rely almost exclusively on social media and other electronic means for their source of information. The Internet, Twitter, and Facebook have all become primary methods of communication for many of our customers. We believe it’s critical to stay in touch with our ‘friends’ and clients so that we can best serve the financial needs of all our customers at any age,” added CEO Joe Framptom.

To aid the bank in making this techno-transition, we called on the skills and successful Internet imagineering of local You Tube celebrity, William Sledd. You may recall that William shot to the top of the You Tube charts awhile back with his posting of fashion faux pas. Knowing that William knows the web well, we asked him to guide us along the information highway in order to talk to those who reside there.

“Working with a bank that’s usually behind locked doors, vaults, and security codes is super exciting to me,” William comments. “Paducah Bank is not your normal bank—from the outside it’s all deposits, loans, and interest rates. If you take a closer look on the inside, there’s a voice there. I’m excited that I can help that voice be translated into the modern world of social media.

“When I started thinking about how a bank is going to interact with everyday people in the world of Facebook walls and Tweets, I got energized and the ideas started rushing in,” he adds. “The most important thing to me is to have fun while you’re doing it, and that is what we plan to do. We don’t want to push information or products; we want to interact with the community, give some stuff away, and have fun doing it. I’m just gonna say this to anyone who is following Paducah Bank on Twitter or Facebook: it’s going to be exciting!”


“It’s so exciting to work with Paducah Bank! They think differently than any bank I know. Why does banking have to be boring anyway?” —William Sledd, Paducah Bank Social Media Consultant

“Paducah Bank is the ONLY place to bank. The customer service is the best!” —Kim Cruse Denton

“Even though we moved to California, we still bank with Paducah Bank. We haven’t been able to f ind that great service anywhere else.” —Jeannie Tilker

“Paducah Bank is the #1 bank in Western Kentucky in service and smiles. There is no other bank that you need to do business with. Thank you for staying true to your roots.” —Carllyn A. Ray