Lisa Barnett to the Rescue!

Lisa Barnett loves to rescue people (and other living things) in distress.

If you have ever been “locked out” of your internet banking account and called Paducah Bank for help, Lisa Barnett is probably the soothing voice who coached you through the necessary steps to make it all work. And she loves doing it!
Lisa works in Deposit Operations—a department of essential people who are always at their task of keeping the bank operational without fanfare or acclamation.
Lisa works with internet banking customers and year-end tax processing. It may not sound exciting to you, but it’s energizing to Lisa.
“We take customer calls and help resolve issues for individual accounts. I mostly work with one person at a time and answer online mail,” Lisa explains.
So, when you call Paducah Bank with a question or an issue that needs to be resolved, you’re not going to get the infamous “Peggy” in Outer Mongolia, you’re going to get Lisa. She actually loves handling problems and “fixing” things!
“Honestly, my favorite part is a person with a problem. I get a lot of satisfaction from being able to help. When we’re able to help a customer navigate through their online accounts, and the customer is pleased, then that’s the favorite part of my day.”
Lisa is a native of Karnak, IL. She went straight to work after graduating from Joppa High School and has been with Paducah Bank for 15 years. Paul Tobias, Vice President and Director of Operations, says, “Lisa is a very important part of our team. She works with all our internet banking customers and year-end tax information. Accuracy is extremely important, and she is great with the customers.”
Lisa’s penchant for “fixing” things and saving the distressed doesn’t end when she goes home. Lisa also rescues animals. She has three dogs and two cats. “My cats came to live with me through friends who had found them. They knew I would rescue them.” She especially loves Yorkshire Terriers. “I adopted two of my dogs through rescue groups I contacted through Shelters and rescue groups can list their animals on this site, and you can specify the breed you would prefer. I’m not going to a pet store when there are so many abandoned animals that need homes.”
One of her Yorkies is a special needs dog. She was a “puppy mill” dog, and one of her back paws was bitten off, so she is handicapped. Recently, Lisa attempted to foster a dog,
but became attached almost immediately. “Apparently, I’m not able to foster! ”

Lisa also helps rescue people by donating blood—platelets to be specific. Platelet donation is a long process, taking up to two hours at a time, and there aren’t many people willing or able to donate. “I’m on my seventh gallon now, and the Red Cross won’t let me donate whole blood because they need the platelets more.”
Lisa’s favorite way to unwind is to read. “I’ve tried other hobbies, but I don’t have the patience for them. One of my cats will lie beside me, and I just prop the Kindle or book on him! ”
Having Lisa Barnett working in the operations area at Paducah Bank doesn’t just help protect customers’ assets. She IS an asset. Susan Guess, Vice President of Marketing for Paducah Bank, summed it up this way. “She is just fabulous. She never complains and is always happy to help a customer. Lisa sets the standard, in my opinion, for great customer service.”