Let There Be Light!

And heat . . . and air conditioning . . . and music . . . and homecooked meals . . . and hot water . . . and entertainment . . . and all the modern wonders that electricity provides.

President and CEO Kelly Nuckols The energy and spirit of Jackson Purchase Energy Corporation’s (JPEC) employees has driven this rural cooperative for the past 75 years. They are willing to work long hours and around the clock during times of emergency. Their primary goal is to ensure that their customers’ energy needs are fulfilled. At all levels of the organization, employees understand the value that this rural cooperative brings to the residents of the six counties they serve in Western Kentucky.

As JPEC celebrates its 75th Anniversary this year, it would be easy to take the modern conveniences that residents enjoy today for granted. But there was a time when residents in rural areas of Western Kentucky had no access to power. They had no other option than to do everything by hand and before dark.

In 1937, groups of citizens banded together across the Commonwealth to form the first rural electric cooperatives. This was the first time that power lines were introduced in much of the state. And this introduction truly did transform rural life in Western Kentucky.

Let there be light “JPEC has relieved the burden households used to bear,” said Kelly Nuckols, President and CEO. “I remember my grandmother washing clothes by hand. Because of the rural cooperatives, today people in our rural areas are free to focus on more than just housework.”

The cooperative has been successful partly because of the strong relationship JPEC has built with their members.

“We get attached to our members,” said Izell White, Vice President, Human Resources and Member Relations. “We like knowing that our customers feel comfortable with our employees and are willing to wait just to talk to the person they want to talk to.”

And members aren’t stopping by to report a complaint.

Let there be light “We have people who come in just to say ‘Hi,’” said Rachel Fiessinger, Customer Service Representative. “It makes me feel good to know that I’m helping to serve our members’ needs.”

Today, JPEC does more than just provide electricity. They also educate their members on energy-efficient practices. They distribute energy-saving light bulbs to new members, at the Annual Meeting and on Fridays during the month of October.

Customer service representatives are trained on current energy-saving practices. They share tips with their members in an effort to help them keep the bills down during peak seasons for energy use.

The organization strives to be ahead of the needs of their members and continues to provide quality service to their residents. Paducah Bank is proud to celebrate the achievements of JPEC, and we applaud the company’s efforts to continue to serve the community in so many important ways.