Paducah Bank Introduces a New World of ATM Technology

THE NEW ATM AT PADUCAH BANK’S Lone Oak Banking Center not only dispenses cash (like every other ATM), it also gives you a deposit receipt for your cash deposits and an image of the checks you deposit! It’s the only one of its kind in the Paducah area, and it’s one more way Paducah Bank seeks to provide its customers with service beyond expectation. Stop by our Lone Oak Banking Center and experience the newest technological advances in automated teller services.


With approximately 42 billion checks written in the United States each year, financial institutions like Paducah Bank are embracing check imaging as a way to reduce cost to customers and to aid in the prevention of fraud risks associated with physically processing original checks. All of this works to YOUR advantage!

Check IMAGING Statistics
• A check is typically handled an average of 19 times
• Estimates of cost savings attributed to check imaging range from $1-$2 billion

How the IMAGE ATM Works
• Accepts individual checks without an envelope
• Captures an image of both sides of the check
• Reads check amount without customer input
• Displays image of check on ATM screen for customer verification
• Deposits check in a secure area separate from ATM currency

How the IMAGE ATM Helps You
• Greater confidence in transactions
• Faster, more convenient check deposits
• 24/7 deposit flexibility
• Potentially faster availability of funds
• Detailed receipt with printed copy of check image

How IMAGE ATM Cash Depositing Works
• A stack of mixed denomination currency is accepted without an envelope
• Quickly validates and counts deposited currency
• Deposit details are displayed on screen for customer verification
• Customer has option to deposit additional currency up to the per-transaction capacity
• Currency is deposited into a secure container
• Itemized deposit details may be printed on customer receipt

(Deposits may not be available for immediate withdrawal)