It’s not an Oscar, but it is an Addy!

Thanks to Tom’s little league coaching abilities, George’s hunting license, Suzi’s Asian cooking, and a fleet of PT Cruisers, Horizon Media Group, a division of Paducah Printing Corporation, brought home two ADDY Awards from the Tri-State Awards Competition held in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The awards are given for excellence in advertising. Horizon won the awards for Paducah Bank’s Cash Back Credit Card television ads and its Knows You By Name multi-media campaign featuring Paducah Bank employees.

“Paducah Bank has an easily recognizable presence with its fleet of PT Cruisers on the road,” said Bruce Shulman, president of Paducah Printing, “so we decided to play on that. The spot showed details of the car, at first glance appearing like a car commercial, then we slowly moved back to reveal the PT Cruiser emblem and the Paducah Bank logo, and finally the car as it appears on their credit card. Because of the surprise at the end, I think the campaign was both fun and effective.


Local Creative Team Takes Top Honors For Paducah Bank Advertising Campaign

“We had recently finished a website for Dr. Ted Borodofsky’s band, Southern Jazz, and saw an opportunity to incorporate music from their locally produced CD into the commercial. We edited a jazzy version of Bye Bye Blackbird as the background music,” Shulman added. The print campaign centered around getting to know the people at Paducah Bank. Close up photos of individuals (like Tom, Suzi, and George) were flanked by statements like: “never misses Larry King, lunches at the counter café, runs 8 miles a day, and can spike a volleyball.” Each ad ended with the words: “knows you by name.”

“The concept of introducing a person to the public is nothing new, but it always tends to be dry and business related. We wanted to reveal things about the staff that perhaps you’d never guess,” Shulman said.

The Tri-State ADDY Awards Competition is sponsored by the Tri-State Advertising & Marketing Professionals, a member association of the American Advertising Federation. The annual dinner and awards event was attended by more than 130 individuals representing advertising and media businesses from the Paducah-Cape Girardeau-Harrisburg market.