Illustrator Jerry Pinkney Creates a Beautiful View of the World

Over the course of the last 18 years, I have often been asked to name my favorite author. I always experience a flurry of activity in my mind as I recall the books that have stirred my emotions. I quickly confirm to myself and answer that, although I may have difficulty deciding who is my favorite author, I can tell you instantly which illustrator I enjoy the most.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then just imagine the power of expression offered by prolific illustrator Jerry Pinkney.

Youth Services/Special Collection Manager McCracken County Public Library

Youth Services/Special Collection Manager McCracken County Public Library

I read his glorious watercolors with joy, and I know that children, once having read or been read to from his illustrated version of timeless classics, will be able to read the story over and over again simply by absorbing the marvelous art which accompanies The Jungle Book, The Little Match Girl, and Noah’s Ark.

Pinkney has often focused on multicultural themes during his 40-year career of illustrating children’s picture books. His characters belong to us all. How daunting a task it must be to attempt to support such revered authors as Rudyard Kipling, Hans Christian Anderson, or the Bible. Recognized and awarded numerous times, Pinkney succeeds in telling his story to more hearts than my own.

Would you like to experience a more natural version of Mowgli, Kaa and Baloo than the popularized video version? Share a chapter from Pinkney’s illustrated version of The Jungle Book nightly with your favorite youngster.

Looking for a new literary New Year tradition? Warm your heart with the beautiful visions The Little Match Girl dreams and which your eyes perceive through the paintings of Pinkney.

And have you ever wondered about the fishes and the flood? View the world below the waters in Pinkney’s 2003 Caldecott honor book Noah’s Ark.

Let the pictures of Jerry Pinkney create a new view of the world for your family this year.