Here they come to save the day!

Paducah Bank sent out a request for a team of Super Heroes and these brave and daring young boys and girls created costumes befitting of a Paducah Bank super saver!

The super people at Paducah Bank thought it was time that our team of bankers had a super kid (or two) to represent the great products and services provided by Paducah’s only hometown bank!

So we sent out a request on Facebook for young super heroes to come up with their best Paducah Bank Super Hero costume and show up for a super party at the bank this fall. We were not disappointed!

Boys and girls with obvious super powers of creativity dropped in to show us their super skills at saving the day . . . and saving their money for a super future!
Our winners are Adam and Cohen Caldwell, sons of Wade and Angela Caldwell. Adam told us that in his opinion, a super hero’s job would be to, “Fight and get the bad men and jump real high.” We can’t argue with that!

The Caldwell family is new to Paducah. “Our family arrived here in June,” says mom, Angela. “My husband is a perfusionist at Western Baptist and Lourdes Hospitals. Our move from South Beach Miami to Paducah has really been just a wonderful experience.”

One of the first things the Caldwell’s did was to find a bank. “Paducah Bank was close to our home, and we originally went in based on convenience. However, it was the friendly staff that SOLD us on opening an account. With their help we established accounts for all our banking needs. Each time we go to the bank we’re greeted by a friendly staff person who knows us by name. This is a wonderful bank, and the customer service can’t be beat.” The family heard about the contest on Facebook, which Angela says is a great way to keep up with all the events and activities sponsored and planned by the bank.

“Facebook is such a great way to see what’s taking place at the bank along with upcoming events. When I saw the post about the Super Hero contest, I decided to make costumes for our two older boys. I had just had a baby, Jude, and this was a great way to give the brothers some personalized attention,” says Angela.

Adam and Cohen won $200 in cash (which we know they will deposit in their Paducah Bank savings account), a new bike, and a personal visit from the WOW! Wagon ice cream truck! Paducah Bank sent the WOW! Wagon to Reidland Elementary School, where Adam is in first grade. “The bank made Adam and Cohen feel so special. This is what building relationships is all about. I don’t know of any other bank that is this involved with creating a fun and exciting atmosphere for its members. If you’re not a member of Paducah Bank, you’re missing out.”

{Thanks, Angela! We feel the same way!}

You’ll probably be seeing more of this daring duo in the days ahead, because we think they’re, well, SUPER!