GO with Paducah Bank!

GO with PaducahAnd keep your money management as mobile as you are.

Life is no longer static. No one stands still for very long. Being on the GO has taken on a whole new meaning in the 21st century. We know. And we’re constantly making changes to the way we offer banking services to match up with the way you live your life.

So. . . introducing . . .MORE mobile Paducah Bank money management options.

Mobile Banking • New mobile banking features will allow you to utilize your cell phone to perform balance inquiries, view transactions, transfer funds, and even pay bills. Paducah Bank will also have an iPhone application that will be available to enhance your visual experience and to provide more functionality. Mobile Banking available March 2010. iPhone app available 2nd Quarter 2010.

E-statements • Paducah Bank is integrating the current E-statement product into Internet Banking. In the past, the two products were separate which required customers to have two login credentials. With this new integration, you will need only one login; everything you need will be available on the Paducah Bank Internet Banking site. Availability set for July 2010.

Quicken • Quicken users will see a dramatic improvement in the downloading of transactions with a “DirectConnect” link with Intuit’s Quicken and QuickBooks products. This means that you will no longer need to login to Paducah Bank Internet Banking and download transactions. The information is downloaded within Quicken using the “One Step Download.” This option will seamlessly download transactions, as well as other new functionalities, all from within the Intuit Quicken or QuickBook products. Available now.

Real Time ATM/Debit Cards • Paducah Bank will soon offer a real-time interface with our debit card product. You’ll have up-to-date balance information via our ATM network as well as our telephone and Internet Banking products. This migration will keep all of these informational resources in sync, giving you the same current and timely information to handle your daily banking activities. Availability set for June 2010.

Online Account Opening • As much as we love to see our loyal customers, we fully realize that you’re busy and that sometimes getting into the bank during operating hours isn’t within your daily schedule. Now Paducah Bank will offer Online Account Opening that can be accomplished anytime, anywhere. This product will allow you to open a Paducah Bank checking or savings account and fund it, all electronically, and with just a few simple steps. Availability set for June 2010.

With mobile banking, updated E-statements, new Quicken integration, real-time ATM and debit cards, and the ability to open accounts online, there’s never a time when you can’t connect with your favorite bankers! WOW!