Get to Know Molly Bailey

When Molly Bailey updates her resume, it only takes a minute . . . literally.

“I feel my number one job is to do everything I can to make our customer’s experience more than satisfactory.”

“I feel my number one job is to do everything I can to make our customer’s experience more than satisfactory.”

Her only previous employer, before her 26-year career at Paducah Bank, was Wendy’s. Now that’s loyalty.

And in Molly’s opinion, that loyalty comes easy. “Paducah Bank is such a great place to work for one basic reason: the people. Senior Management is so committed to the employees; and here, family comes first. That makes it easy for me because if I have an illness or family problem, I know that comes first to my management as well,” Molly respectfully submits.

“And as owners of the bank, throughout 401(k) and ESOP, I have a definitive incentive to work hard. When the bank succeeds, I succeed as well,” Molly adds. “This is such a good place for customers to bank because we truly care about our customers, and I feel my number one job is to do everything I can to make a person’s experience here more than satisfactory. I try every day to give 110% to my loan customers. It comes back to me ten times over.”

Molly is just as devoted to her life outside the bank. As a wife and mother, she spends much of her time with her family, both on the shore and on the sidelines. “I’m very involved in my daughter’s life,” Molly explains. Leigh Ann is 14 and plays soccer year-round. “So I guess you can say I’m a soccer mom. I head up the fund-raising for the Reidland Girls Soccer Program and I coached my first indoor soccer team this past winter.”

In the soccer off season (if there actually is one), Molly and her family enjoy the pleasures of the nearby lakes area. “We have a camper that we keep at Moors Resort all year long. We enjoy our boat and Sea Doo and, of course, my husband has his fishing boat. We’re an all-out lake family,” Molly says.

And families in her community are also a priority for Molly. She has been very active as a volunteer for the United Way for many years and participated in the Loaned Executive Program. She most recently chaired the Small Business Division for the annual fund drive. She is also a past board member of the Paducah Day Nursery.

Not only is Molly positive on Paducah, she’s absolutely thrilled to be a part of Paducah’s only locally owned bank. “I try to bring a positive attitude to the bank, and my intent to always help my loan customers to achieve their goals gives me great satisfaction. Because I love my job, it makes going above and beyond very easy.”

It’s been that way for 26 years. “I guess that’s why I haven’t updated my resume,” says Molly. “I don’t plan on working anywhere else!”