Get to Know Melanie McNeill

They say charity begins at home. Melanie McNeill is a living testament to that local philosophy.

Melanie Mcneill

During her five years as a working member of the Charity League of Paducah, Melanie has served this long-standing women’s organization as treasurer-elect, treasurer, president-elect, and current president for 2004-2005. She’s also seen the Easter Seal Center’s dream of planning and building a new facility come to fruition thanks, in part, to the support of the Charity League.

“The primary mission of the League as a volunteer organization,” Melanie explains, “is to raise funds for Easter Seals West Kentucky. We also, however, assist other local non-profits involved with the care of children, women, and others in need. Our foremost responsibility is to the Easter Seals Center, but the secondary legacy of the Charity League has also been to foster friendship and community within the women who become members.”

Friendship and community spirit are not relegated only to Melanie’s efforts on behalf of the Charity League. She believes those same personal and professional characteristics are vital components of her dedication to her work at Paducah Bank. “To say that our service sets us apart as a bank is almost cliché because so many businesses market themselves in that way,” Melanie admits, “but I truly believe that Paducah Bank’s service is unique. It’s no fleeting thought here. We have reached the level where we conduct daily employee meetings to talk strictly about building a culture of customer service that is second to none. We strive to provide our very best to our clients. And that builds friendship and camaraderie not only among our staff but also with our clients.”

Melanie holds a BS in Business Administration from Murray State and is a graduate of the Cannon Trust School. She is an Assistant Trust Officer at Paducah Bank and here again, charity sometimes comes home. “One of the most gratifying parts of my job is to help clients carry out their wishes, but it is especially nice to see gifts given to charities or organizations who many times don’t even know a gift is coming. Being able to help fulfill their respective missions is very rewarding,” she adds.


Melanie has also found personal rewards in acquiring a hands-on relationship with Paducah’s Easter Seals Center through her Charity League presidency. As the club’s president, she is an affiliate member of the Easter Seals’ board. “As a mother (of two-year-old Walker), I now have a better appreciation and realization of what parents are willing to do for their child. And as a mother with responsibilities outside the home, I’ve also come to understand how vital it is to have a supportive spouse, like my husband, Chris.”

Melanie adds, “When children need extra help, Easter Seals West Kentucky is there, and I can understand the importance of the Center’s role to the children, the parents, and this community. When you are talking about a child, it is all about hope for the future. And the Center offers that and more to these children and their parents.”