Get Into the Swing of Things!

ourCustomersGetSwing_Trimble&KightWhen we say Paducah is really in the swing of things, you can take it to the bank (ours of course!)

The community’s first indoor golf complex is just one example of the many ways this community really gets into the swing of providing recreational and leisure pursuits that meet the desires of a variety of enthusiasts.

The Golf Complex, located just west of the city, is a cutting edge driving range that offers customers many extras. Todd Trimble and Barry Kight have created a facility where golfers can go to work on their short game and their swing, buy equipment and receive lessons.
“They have a really great facility,” commented Michael
Mazzone, an avid golfer and a Paducah Bank customer. “You only see this type of set-up in big cities. Only the best facilities have this type of equipment. This is the stuff you see on the Golf Channel,” he added.

“We can literally do everything but tee you off on the number one tee,” Todd says. Along with lighted indoor and outdoor driving ranges, practice greens and short game facilities, the complex offers many specialized services. They offer swing improvement equipment such as video analyses and a high-tech device called the Launch Monitor. This specialized piece of equipment measures statistical information about the golfer’s swing and more importantly the path of the ball after it’s been struck.

Todd and Barry, former club pro and club pro assistant at the Country Club of Paducah, respectively, have more to offer than a facility and equipment—they also have vast experience and an excellent reputation.

Not only pros, but friends as well, the bond between Barry and Todd began when
Barry was just 11 years old. “I met Todd when I took lessons from him at the club,” Barry recalled. Barry played golf in high school and recreationally upon graduation. He loved the game but also had a knack for the business end of the sport. He started working under
Todd in 2000 while he was finishing his degree in business administration from Murray State University.

Todd’s first position at the Country Club of Paducah was as a teaching professional; soon after, he became the club pro. As the club professional, Todd had many additional duties that pulled him away from his first love of teaching.
With Todd’s desire to teach and Barry’s head for business, the partners formed the idea for an indoor golf facility that would utilize new technology and offer year-round usage. The rest, as they say, is history.

The partners collaborated on every aspect of the complex. “Even though I was physically on the tractor working on the irrigation system, we made all the big business decisions together,” Barry explains.

One of them being, of course, financing.

“Paducah Bank was definitely a huge help when we opened the doors,” comments Barry. “They helped us to consolidate our original loans into one and did so while offering the best rate available. Everyone at the bank is always very friendly and a pleasure to deal with, (even when asked questions they have to hear 500 times a day). The number of branch locations are wonderful and make daily banking activities much easier and quicker! They’re the best.”