Gary Wood is Once Again in the Music Zone

IN OCTOBER 2005, GARY WOOD TURNED OUT THE LIGHTS TO HIS EXECUTIVE office at Lourdes Hospital for the last time. Throughout the 1990s and early part of the 21st century, Gary developed an advanced system for filing electronic medical records—technology that was years ahead of its time. He became CIO of the hospital, and achieved a level of success that enabled him to retire in his early fifties.

Growing up, Gary developed a love for music performance and began playing guitar and piano around the house with his father. Always involved with various rock bands throughout high school, he helped form the Blue River Band, a local rock outfit known for tight vocal harmonies that developed a loyal local fan base in the 1980s. Gary left the band in 1989 to pursue his medical career, putting music on the sidelines for a while.

Gary WoodRetiring in 2005, Gary dove right back into his musical interests. He was able to increase time spent behind the piano and guitar, and in November 2006, decided to purchase Music Zone. A shop formerly dedicated to servicing area grade school and high school band programs, Gary envisioned a full service music center that could offer a variety of services.

Hiring some of the area’s best musicians to teach hundreds of lessons, Music Zone also brought on some excellent luthiers who specialize in repairing and customizing all kinds of musical instruments. Music Zone also started carrying high-end gear and opened a small recording studio, all in house.

“Their dedication and interest in my ideas made it possible to make the change from working in the medical industry to owning my own business. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without their incredible level of assistance and personal service.”

Today, Gary currently runs three Music Zone stores: the original storefront in Lone Oak, another in downtown Murray, and the third located in Union City, Tennessee. Wood is also back to playing with the Blue River Band. Mike Scott, Thomas Dick, Michael Webb, and Gary took the stage at the Bridge Street Eagles Club in January 2009, a reunion 20 years in the making. They can now be found playing every weekend at The Captain’s Place in downtown Paducah, where they are the house band.

“All I have ever wanted to do is play music, and my partnership with Paducah Bank has enabled me to get back to my passion.”