Garden Club of America Recognizes Artist Relocation Program

gardenWhen Paducah played host to a meeting of Garden Club of America representatives in October, Paducah Bank CEO Joe Framptom was pleasantly surprised to accept an award for Historic Preservation, presented jointly to Paducah Bank and the City of Paducah, for Paducah’s Artist Relocation Program.

Lois Hammet, Awards Chairman for the Garden Club of Paducah, proposed the award to Garden Club of America officials. Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Mary Hammond formally seconded the proposal.

Mrs. Hammet explains that one award can be given in each of several categories in each Garden Club of America zone. Kentucky is part of Zone VII, along with Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. The commendation is awarded annually to a person or group who is not a garden club member but who has made a significant contribution to historic preservation within the four-state zone.

The Artist Relocation Program received the Zone Historic Preservation Commendation for Zone VII for “vision, industrious spirit, and extraordinary dedication in Historic Preservation,” according to the proposal letter.

“The Garden Club of Paducah felt the revitalization of Lower Town would not have been possible without the support of Mayor Bill Paxton and Paducah Bank officials,” said Mrs. Hammet.