Form Function, Fortitude

The team at i5 design group brings determination to great design and works to integrate environmental responsibility into every creative effort they put forth

formFunction-captureASK ANY PADUCAH BANK customer what they like best about working with their hometown bank, and an answer that consistently surfaces is similar to that of Chad Beyer.

“They really want to know me—my dreams, my desires, and my goals in order to make them all come true.” And Chad of Paducah’s i5 design group thinks that’s a great way to do business.

Beyer, an interior designer and owner of i5 design group, thinks the Paducah Bank model of business is one worth imitating. i5’s approach to a client’s needs is one that Paducah Bank can identify with. “We sit down with our clients and work to understand their needs. Our job is to listen intently to our clients, ask the right questions and turn that information into great design that is unique to our clients’ needs. Listening to the client is the most important thing we can do.” And Beyer has worked with Paducah Bank as more than just a customer. i5 is responsible for the renovated second floor at the Main Office as well as designs for the Reidland and Lone Oak offices and materials and finishes and custom casework design for the Strawberry Hill branch.

i5’s range of skills and services gives them a depth that allows them to meet a litany of needs. “Our scope of services at i5 is tailored for each project; we offer services that range from conceptual design, to material and finish selections, to complete construction documents. Regardless of the project we always remind ourselves that design serves a purpose higher than just making a place or thing aesthetically appealling. We want our designs to look good, of course, but the whole reason I do this is that great design can improve people’s lives, great design responds to needs, it benefits the lives of those who interact with it every day. Some things can be very subconscious, but creating a space that aids in what our clients do helps them accomplish their goals.”

Environmental considerations are also key in determining the overall success of a project. “At i5 we think about the greater environment by first considering the immediate environment to be designed. Many products in the past have had odors that are not pleasing or put off gases over time that are not healthy. Our spaces look good aesthetically, but we also want to design in a way that promotes the long-term health of those who will inhabit the space. Often those kinds of things fly under the radar, but they are so important. It all comes back to understanding how a client’s business or life works and how we can design the space to best support that. Being environmentally responsible, just seems like the best way.”

i5’s work on creating healthy and energy efficient spaces are seen in Paducah Bank projects as well as locales such as James Marine, Energy Fitness, the new, riverfront condos, and the office of Judge Shea Nickel.

formFunctionAnd the professionalism of Beyer’s team at i5 has earned them the opportunity to complete some pretty big jobs. i5 has worked several military contract jobs from Fort Bragg to Fort Jackson. “We’ve done everything from dormitories to drill sergeant schools. There is such a great team of people here, and our education and background in design definitely gives us a professional edge.” In fact, Chad, a graduate of Lone Oak High School, got into design through the interior design program at Murray State. “I chose my major and never looked back!” he says. “And I love being here in my hometown doing business both locally and abroad.” He also is quick to give credit for i5’s success to those he works with every day to push design to higher plateaus.

“Bobby Koehler is our project manager, and I have worked with him in some capacity for the last fifteen years. He brings attention to accuracy as well as a sense of timeliness to i5 that is invaluable. Jessica Folmar joined us from the interior design program at SIU and really jumped in with both feet. She really excels and can do everything from finish selection to CAD work.”

Such cohesiveness and attention to clients’ needs allows i5 the freedom to take interior design to new levels. One such example is a project the team completed at a newly constructed home in the Fountain Avenue Neighborhood. “One of the contractors was continually asked how we went about ‘rehabbing’ such a historical home,” says Chad. “It was the best compliment we could get. It was nice to see that a new house fit into a historical neighborhood so well.”

As Beyer looks forward to an ever-brighter future, he is grateful for the nearly four years of success he has had with i5. “I couldn’t have fathomed what small business would be like,” he comments, “but Paducah Bank has helped give us opportunities here and worldwide. They are simply phenomenal. I consider them friends as well as bankers. Their commitment to the community is something I want to reflect in our work. When I walk through a completed space that was once just an idea on paper, I get one of my greatest rewards. Paducah Bank made that possible for me and my team.”