Financing some summer fun for future savers

After visiting Paducah Bank as part of a summer Fundamentals for Life program created by Washington Street Baptist Church, Akeyia Phillips, a student at Paducah Middle School, said, “We learned to spend, save, give to people who don’t have money and are less fortunate than others, and give to the church.”

The program was devoted to a focus on five Fs: facts, fitness, finance, food, and fun. Paducah Bank touched on the finance and fun aspects.

The students were given some behind-the-scenes access to a few aspects of the daily operations of Paducah Bank. The group met with tellers at the drive-up window, took a peek into the safe deposit box vault, and heard about lending from a bank loan officer.

“Getting kids involved,” said Susan Guess, Vice President of Marketing, “makes a lasting impact on their financial future. They learn responsibility. And they’re excited when they get that first savings statement. I think it gives them a real sense of pride in what they’ve accomplished and puts them on a path of really thinking about how they manage their money.”

The bank made a $10 contribution to each participant for their new savings account. The Washington Street Community Development Corporation matched the contribution.

“That’s one thing I appreciate about our community,” said Rev. Raynarldo Henderson, Pastor of Washington Street Baptist Church. “When there are positive programs that will help our children, people jump in and they want to know ‘how can we help, what can we do?’ So it’s been a good summer thanks to many helpful people and professionals in Paducah.”