Far and Away Banking Excellence

Paducah Bank Takes The WOW Out Of Town

Don’t let the name fool you.It may be Paducah Bank, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is beyond reach. Customers have long realized the benefits of their Paducah Bank accounts all around the globe—and now, Paducah Bank is stepping beyond the West Kentucky region and taking their unique approach in commercial relationships to the Commonwealth’s largest city, Louisville.

“We began to look for other opportunities,” says Mardie Herndon, Paducah Bank President and COO,“in different markets—because we think other prospects deserve the opportunity to be WOWed! And when you think about larger banks and smaller banks and how our industry continues to change—and the consistency, thoughtfulness and sincerity with which we operate—we knew that others could benefit from that as well.”

The decision to begin with Louisville was born from a long-standing Paducah Bank philosophy— investing in quality team members. “We look for talent constantly,” adds Mardie. “When we found talent in Louisville, we knew that this would be the next logical step for us to expand.”

Diana QuesadaThat talent was Diana Quesada, longtime Louisville resident, banking industry veteran and now, Paducah Bank’s Louisville representative and Commercial Relationship Manager. “I’ve lived in Louisville for 20 years. It is home,” says Diana. “We love the restaurants, the arts, the nightlife, the college sports, the parks— there’s so much to do. And I’ll tell you, there’s no better place to be on the first Saturday of May!”

Diana has worked in banking for more than 30 years. “I’ve worked in different areas within the industry,” she says. “And I’ve worked with a broad range of companies, from startups to publicly traded companies. My area of expertise is working with businesses, helping them access capital and financial solutions to help them grow.”

When Diana was introduced to Paducah Bank, she knew right away she had discovered the perfect vehicle for helping businesses and industry in Louisville and beyond. “I’m excited to introduce Louisville to Paducah Bank. It is a special place. It’s a great team that is here to help businesses grow and prosper. The difference is that people are the backbone of Paducah Bank. We’re empowered to do the right thing to help our clients and provide an excellent customer experience. It’s a team of talented, knowledgeable, innovative people who want to see companies excel. That, in turn, means communities prosper. That’s important to us. It’s the people who make Paducah Bank different, and we care and take ownership, caring for our clients, our bank, and one another.”

“And we are very pleased to have Diana’s quality of talent,” adds Mardie. “It’s not only about her background, it’s about her commitment to her community. She and her husband have lived there for a very long time and are truly a part of the fabric of Louisville. We look forward to expanding under her leadership. She will provide the Louisville market with something different.”

Paducah Bank’s approach to understanding communities, businesses, and their needs in a unique way is what excites Diana. Whenever she talks about bringing that philosophy to Louisville, she lights up with a broad smile.

“I love that,” says Diana. “Paducah Bank is so involved in the community. Down in Paducah, they are involved in just about everything. We are looking forward to being the same here in Louisville.”