Dirt is Beautiful

There’s something to be said for playing in the dirt.

Mike Falconite grew up in Cairo, Illinois, where his father was always stirring up some dirt. Mike’s father, Joe Falconite, owned and operated a heavy equipment company which Mike eventually took control of and moved to Paducah in the 1980s. From those beginnings in crane and equipment leasing, Mike was initiated and educated in a world of movers and shakers you might say—the kind who excavate, unearth, and recreate.
“The more you build, the more you learn,” says Mike of the millions of square feet he’s previously had under construction. “You learn how
to quickly assess a location, get a feel for the traffic patterns, the pull a retail center will have, the environment around it and the potential it has for success.”
Mike Falconite has learned by doing. After relocating his second- generation family business to Paducah, he expanded the company to the point that it reached into more than 55 multi-state locations and employed 900 people when he sold it.
He then hit the ground running once again—running a development company that is now establishing properties at multiple sites around the Midwest. In the Paducah area alone, Mike has created residential complexes like Olivet Village, Plantation Village, West Park Village, and Barkley Place. He has generated commercial centers like Village Crossing, Dogwood Plaza, Oaks Plaza, and Falconite Business Center. He also has a 100-unit apartment complex behind Paducah’s Sam’s Club store that is currently under construction.
To say that he has constructed a successful entrepreneurial venture in this central city of Paducah is a testament to his grassroots conviction that a good location is a good strategy. “Paducah is a great place to develop retail centers. It pulls from a large radius, is centrally located in a four-state area, and now has a core group of strong retail establishments to encourage other national chains to look at coming to town. Paducah is a very appealing place.”