Cruisin’ On Down the EXPRESSway!

EXPRESS BankersWhat is multi-colored, expressive, and goes beep-beep? A fleet of Paducah Bank Express Bank vehicles that take customer service on the road each day.

You can’t miss them! They are a fleet of colorful PT Cruisers boldly emblazoned with the Express Bankers theme across each door making a statement for Paducah Bank’s mission every time they leave the parking lot.

“We began express deliveries about five years ago,” said Wally Bateman, president of Paducah Bank. “We began using our fleet of Cruisers a couple of years ago.”

The cars are used by the bank’s “Express Bankers” to deliver documents and paperwork to customers who cannot make it into the bank’s offices on any given day. Now they probably will not bring you lunch (although you could ask!) but they will take great pains to make sure that your banking experience is as convenient and easy as possible.

“The motivation came from several facts,” Wally said. “The cars are light-hearted and catchy, our employees like to have fun, and they serve a valuable purpose of allowing us to visit our customers on their terms.”

Wally considers the vehicles a successful venture. “They have increased our visibility, our employees enjoy driving them, and our customers appreciate our personal service.”

The next time you pass a PT Cruiser wearing a catchy phrase on its sides, you will know it is just Paducah Bank employees expressing themselves!