Corporate Headquarters: CSI

Being innovative requires both courage and risk — two things that CSI is familiar with.

Being innovative requires both courage and risk — two things that CSI is familiar with. In fact, innovation is a key factor in the success CSI has achieved. The firm was the first to provide commercial loan processing for commercial banks, the first to offer a nationwide PC software sales program, the first to offer Internet banking, and the first to provide a corporate intranet to community-based financial institutions.

So, it’s not surprising that the Paducah Chamber of Commerce named a company credited with a long list of firsts as its 2012 Business of the Year.

“Technology influences business in every market segment, so as we’ve developed more robust technology offerings, we’ve had the opportunity to expand into new industries,” said Chairman John Williams. “We’ve become the industry leader because we believe in innovation and understand customers always come first.”

From the time CSI was incorporated in 1965, this local firm set the pace for improving systems within the banking and financial industry. Starting with only three Paducah customers and six employees, CSI began to grow its base of clients on a national level within the first year.

CSI Headquarters

“Our success comes from understanding our customers’ needs and then providing solutions that positively impact their business,” said Steve Powless, chief executive officer. “CSI has always been committed to delivering efficient, professional service through the most relevant solutions available in the market.”

Innovation in technology has demanded that businesses stay current in order to keep pace with the changing business environment. CSI offers cutting-edge technology solutions that save its customers money.

“The leadership philosophy at CSI has always been to help our customers grow and succeed. As their needs have changed, so too has our business— often leading the way — so that our solutions enable them to maintain both market and wallet share,” said Williams. “CSI has never been afraid to invest in innovation, even if it failed, because we always learn, even from the failures.”

The company knows what it takes to grow a business, as well as the businesses of its customers. This leader in financial technology solutions never waits for competitors to make the first move. Instead, CSI actively anticipates the next challenge customers will face and focuses on solving that challenge before it ever becomes one.

CSI’s core mission is to understand its customers’ needs and deliver solutions that help them to remain competitive, compliant, and profitable. This local company also believes that it has an obligation to support local charitable agencies and organizations, helping to make Paducah a better place to live.

Nearly five decades have passed since CSI opened its doors. Now the corporate headquarters is proudly situated in a 75,000-square-foot building staffed by a team of highly respected technology professionals.

And just like Paducah Bank, CSI continues to call Paducah “home.”