Coley’s Interiors

coleys closeupA New Flare in Village Square

Nicole Turnbo is all smiles and sunshine these days.

What’s the source of her excitement, you ask?

Well, it might have something to do with the opening of her new shop, Coley’s Interiors, located at 4645 Village Square Drive. The shop carries a variety of home furnishings including bedding, lamps, furniture and dishware. Everything in the shop bursts with color and personality.

“I love color,” Nicole says. “It’s great to mix in some neutral pieces, but you need that pop of color in your life to bring it all together.”

Some of the highlights the shop boasts include a decorative line of cotton and silk bedding by John Robshaw, stoneware from Casafina and silver collections by Arthur Court.

Nicole provides her customers with home decor and furnishings that they won’t find in other local shops. In fact, some of the furnishings are so unique that they won’t be found in the homes of other local people, as they are truly one-of-a-kind. That makes purchases at Coley’s Interiors very special to her and to her customers.

As interesting as many of the items in Coley’s Interiors may be, everything fits together perfectly. Nicole seems to have an eye for mixing and matching patterns and color schemes so that everything in the shop looks as if it was meant to go together. So what’s her secret?

“I think it’s important to buy the things you love. If you follow your instincts you can’t go wrong,” she says.

Brides-to-be love the variety of options available at the shop and the bridal registry there. They find just about everything they need to transform ordinary houses into beautiful dream homes, which they will cherish for many years to come.

Even the name of the shop adds something personal to the atmosphere. When Nicole was a child her grandmother couldn’t remember her name was Nicole so instead she just called her “Coley.” The nickname stuck and has followed her ever since. So it seemed appropriate to name the shop Coley’s Interiors.

Running a retail and home décor shop feels like second nature to Nicole, but this new venture is quite a change from her previous career working as a nurse and administrator at her husband’s medical practice. With things at the office running smoothly, Nicole decided that it was time to do something that she had always wanted to do.

“It was time for me to do my own fun thing,” she says. “This is my dream job. It’s fun to see people get excited about the items in the shop when they come in. And everyone has been so supportive and excited for me.”

The transition from healthcare to retail has been a smooth one with the help of friends, family and Paducah Bank.

“When I decided to open Coley’s Interiors I spoke with Carla Berry at Paducah Bank,” Nicole says. “Her mother had owned a store very similar to mine at one time so she offered great support and had good advice to help me get started. She was so much more than a banker. She was truly a business consultant.”