A Client and A Friend

Dentons Look Back on Their Long and Honored History with Paducah Bank

Paducah Bank and Denton Law Firm’s attorneys have a partnership that spans decades, and together, they have been community collaborators for the ultimate growth and well-being of the city they love.

The relationship began when attorney David Denton became Paducah Bank’s corporate counsel in 1976, after establishing his practice in 1969. Over time, the bank and the Denton firm developed side-by-side, both expanding their client bases and services to better serve the western Kentucky region.

David Denton became a member of the Paducah Bank Board of Directors in 1981. In 1995, his son, Glenn, joined the firm and then followed in his father’s footsteps on the bank board in 2002. Together, they’ve helped take care of Paducah Bank’s fiduciary duties, risk management, audits, compliance and much more.Lisa Emmons, partner at Denton Law

“There are many areas that we take great pride in, and we’re speaking here as bank directors,” David says. “One is the fact that the bank has been safe, sound, and profitable. Paducah Bank has consistently been generous with its employees, which is admirable. This bank has also been very charitable in its support of the community, and we are very pleased to have been a part of that along the way.”

Together with law partners Lisa Emmons, Bill Pinkston, and Jay Matheny, the Dentons help Paducah’s community bank operate efficiently and effectively. Although the firm currently tackles a variety of law including real estate, insurance defense, commercial, municipal, and employment, Paducah Bank is a priority.

“Our relationship with Paducah Bank really has developed into a first-call type of relationship,” Glenn says. “By that, I mean that when the bank has an issue or it has a concern or a matter for which it needs assistance, we try and immediately address whatever need or request they may have. Paducah Bank is more than a client to Denton Law. It, like many of our long-time clients, is a friendship of many years and growing.”