CHEERS for WOWopoly winner Patrick Kerr (and family)!

The Paducah Bank guest-pouring event at the Pasta House was the perfect place to toast the winner of our WOWopoly game. On the evening of note, a name was pulled from the many participants in our WOWopoly game, which required game-players to collect four cards during a multi-week promotion. The winner received a new MacBook Pro. That lucky winner was Patrick Kerr. Not only was Patrick happy about this name-calling, his family was pretty thrilled as well. Read on!

cheers“WOW! We have all been having such a great time with our new MacBook Pro. The whole family has been in on the fun. We have done a bit of technology shuffling, and my wife is using the new one so that each of my twin daughters can have their own computer. I’m not sure who was happier—me for winning, Christa for getting to use it, or Madeline and Emma for getting the hand-me-downs that have become ‘their own’!

Paducah Bank has been so great to me and my family through the years. From the mortgage on our house, to our car loans, to our checking account, our savings account, our girls’ Coin Club accounts, Paducah Bank has all the products we need and the personal attention that is so hard to come by these days.

It is rare to find a business, any business, that shows concern for their customers. Paducah Bank does that and so much more.

Their commitment to meeting their customers’ needs reaches far into the community. Their philosophy that making Paducah a better place to live will make their customers’ lives better is a unique one, and one that has proven itself time and again.

Whether it’s supporting the Market House Theatre, the Paducah Symphony, or providing assistance with loans for the revitalization of Lower Town, Paducah Bank’s efforts have truly made Paducah a better place and, in turn, have helped their customers prosper. By reinvesting in the community, everybody wins. Especially me, I guess! Thanks, Paducah Bank!”