Cash Reward Program Q&A

Express cardPaducah Bank Express Check Card

The Paducah Bank and Trust Company is excited to unveil our new Express Check Card Reward Program. The program gives you two options to earn money each time you use your card: either on the number of times you use your Express Check Card, or by the dollar amount of usage (see below for specifics of each option). You can start earning cash rewards through October 31 as soon as you sign up. The program will start over November 1 and run through October 31 of the next year. It is important to know that even though the program is for a certain period of time, you can sign up at any time. The sooner you sign up, however, the more money you can earn.

Below you will find specific answers to questions you may have. Should you need additional information, please feel free to call us at 575.5700. We’re here to help!

Q: What is the Express Check Card Reward Program?
A: It is a customer reward program available upon request to all Paducah Bank personal checking account customers. The reward program is based on either the number of transactions or the dollar amount of usage on your Paducah Bank Express Check Card. The reward program requires a “signature-based” (credit) transaction.

Q: How does the Express Check Card Reward Program work?
At the time of purchase, there are two card payment methods available: 1) a PIN-based payment method, which is a “debit” transaction at any ATM or business where your PIN (personal identification number) is entered to complete the transaction; or 2) a signature-based payment method, which is a “credit” transaction at any business in which the PIN is not entered. You may or may not be required to sign a receipt. For you to take advantage of the Express Check Card Reward Program, you must select the “credit” payment method. However, unlike other reward programs at other banks, if you do make a “debit” payment, you will not be charged for the transaction.

Q: What reward options can I choose from?
There are two reward options: one is based on the number of times you use your card, and the other is a tiered percentage of the cumulative dollar amount of signature based purchases that you make during the program year. You will need to select an option and should remain with that option throughout the program year. If you choose to change your reward option during the program year, the amounts earned or accumulated during that period will start over. The two options are:

NUMBER OF TRANSACTIONS—the number of times the card is used in a signature-based transaction. Paducah Bank will reward $.15 (fifteen cents) for every signature-based transaction (regardless of the amount of the purchase) during your monthly statement cycle. For example, if you use your card 20 times for signature-based transactions during the statement cycle, Paducah Bank will post a $3 credit to your account that month.

PERCENTAGE OPTION—the cumulative amount of signature based purchases. Paducah Bank will take the total amount of such purchases for the 12-month period (or the remaining period during 2003) and compute the reward as follows:

■ First $2,000 will be rewarded $5 (based on .25% of the purchase amount).

■ Next $2,000 will be rewarded $10 (based on .50%).

■ Next $2,000 will be rewarded $15 (based on .75%).

■ All purchases greater than $6,000 will be rewarded based on 1%.

Because this percentage option is payable annually on October 31, the earned, but not paid reward amount will appear on your account statement in the memo section to keep you informed of the growing reward.

Q: Who is eligible to participate?
Any Paducah Bank customer with a personal checking account—Free, Carefree, and Lifetime—is eligible. At this point, the program does not include business, not-for-profit, or any other non-personal accounts.

Q: Are current Express Check Card cardholders automatically enrolled in this reward program?
No. The Cardholder must sign up for this reward program. If you are a new customer, stop by any Paducah Bank location to complete an application and select your reward option. If you are an existing customer, you may stop by any Paducah Bank location or call us at 270.575.5700.

Q: Is there a limit to the reward money that you can earn?
Yes. The maximum percentage-based reward is $599 per program year (ends October each year). Once an option (number of transactions vs. percentage of purchases) is selected, it is recommended that it not be changed until November 1 of the following program year, or year-to-date earned rewards under the percentage method will be lost.

Q: If a family has more than one card on the account, can all cards participate in the program?
Every card that is issued is eligible to participate at the account level. For example, if an account has two Express Check Cards issued, the combined total of the transactions or purchases made with the two cards is rewarded to that particular account.

For more information, call an Express Banker today at 575.5700.