Buddy, do you have a dime?

(‘Cause if you don’t, you can earn one when you use your Paducah Bank debit card!)

Sherida Williams, an optician at Eyecare Associates in Paducah, is every banker’s dream girl.

So here’s how the story goes.

Man walks in for an eye appointment. Gets his eyes checked. Returns to the check-out desk and passes his Paducah Bank debit card across to Sherida.

She takes the card and politely asks the man, “Did you know if you use this like a credit card you get ten cents back every time you use it?”

The man happened to be Glenn Denton, member of the Board of Directors of Paducah Bank. He was very impressed.

And Sherida was very impressed when, shortly thereafter, she was presented with a $100 gift card from the nice people at Paducah Bank, who wanted to thank her for being such a terrific ambassador for their products.

“I always do that,” Sherida says. “When someone presents a Paducah Bank debit card,* I always ask if they’re taking advantage of the Dime-a-Time rewards program. I don’t know about other people, but I burn mine up; so it pays to sign up for the program!”

Sherida is a dipped-and-dimed convert! She and her family moved here from Virginia several years ago. She chose Paducah Bank because “the town’s name was a part of the bank’s name and we thought it was probably a hometown bank.” She comments that she found out she was right.

The bank is phenomenal! Anytime I’ve had a question or a problem to work through, they absolutely stop what they’re doing and take all the time necessary to help me work through whatever it is that I need. We have been very happy with everyone at the bank.”

Obviously! And Sherida was also very happy to get a most appreciated $100 just in time for back to school supplies. It pays to bank with us!


*Paducah Bank’s debit card reward program is available upon request to all personal and business checking account customers. Earn even more with our Gen Gold checking account! Personal checking customers with our Gen Gold account earn $.15 for each signature based transaction. Call or stop in for more details.