Bringing the Bank to the Business

Paducah Bank’s Merchant Capture Service allows business clients to bank from their own base of operations.

ST. MARY SCHOOL SYSTEM Finance Manager Ellen Anderson seldom goes to the bank anymore. The bank comes to her.

Bringing the BankWith a machine on her desk that copies and endorses checks and “Desktop Teller Client” software on her computer (furnished and installed by Paducah Bank), Ellen manages daily deposits from the comfort and convenience of her office.

“When Paducah Bank contacted me to see if I was interested in the Remote Capture service, I was very enthusiastic,” says Anderson. “This feature saves time, money, and personnel. I do not have to hand write a deposit slip, or drive to the bank, or wait in line. This feature is very effective.”

Paducah Bank employee Robin Moyers, who handled Merchant Capture Service installation and training for St. Mary, says the way payments are processed has changed drastically over the last few years, and making options available to customers is important. “Working with customers face to face and helping them make their banking needs more efficient and convenient is a privilege,” Robin says.

One convenience of the Merchant Capture Service enjoyed by Anderson is the ability to make deposits late in the day. “Before I started using this feature, I had to wait until the next day to deposit my daily receipts. Now I can close my day as late as 4 p.m. and still get my deposit ‘to the bank’ the same day,” she explains.

The attraction of the new service by nearby clients has surprised Paducah Bank Operations Manager and Vice President Melissa Lindsey. Melissa initially expected that the customers with a longer drive to the bank would be the first to jump on board. “While the cost savings is a reality for any client regardless of their location, this solution has attracted the attention of customers just blocks away from the bank,” says Lindsey. She adds that the service offers multiple benefits, including allowing businesses with more than one location to consolidate accounts and reduce account maintenance and transaction fees.

And although the Merchant Capture Service is complex in its capabilities, it is simple in use. “The software is very user friendly,” says Anderson. “I highly recommend it.”

For more information about banking from your office with Paducah Bank’s Merchant Capture Service, contact Robin Moyers at 575.5716.