Bill Ford Flair

Bill Ford’s name has been synonymous with interior design and art in Paducah for many years. Now he is becoming known for his personalized, whimsical aprons. It’s not a dinner or a party unless the hosts are wearing one of Bill’s custom designed aprons. his website says.

“It gives me such pleasure to create these aprons!” says Bill. “I’ve never had a complaint, and I’ve had people with tears in their eyes they were so overwhelmed with them,” the artist said.

This all started in 2010 with a client who ordered about 20 aprons for a party she was hosting. She requested Julia Child quotations on them as well as the famous chef’s picture. Then Ford created aprons with “Love That Art” as the tagline for a Paducah Tilghman tennis fundraiser. From there the idea blossomed, and the ideas grew in number.

“I’ve done Florida beach motifs, wine and margaritas, all the holidays, teacher gifts, corporate logos, and wedding themes,” Bill noted. “Right now I’m working on St. Paddy’s and Mardi Gras and Mother’s and Father’s day motifs. The possibilities are unlimited!”

One of his favorite designs was a Christmas theme with elf accents. Each elf represented a client’s grandchildren with their names painted in their caps. “Even now, it’s not too early to order aprons for Christmas.”

The hosts for the 2011 Lourdes Hospital annual fundraiser will have aprons with their names on them and each year, if they continue to volunteer, they will have their own aprons to wear. Several non-profits have called on Bill Ford to help them with their fundraising efforts. “I did ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ motifs for the Market House Theatre, and I am currently working on some others for the MHT an for the Carson Center.”

Bill has donated about 40-50 aprons at $30 each. “It makes me feel good, and I hope it really helps these organizations. Of course, I can’t do them for every group, but I’m happy to help when I can,” he added.

When you are as talented as Bill, you can do a quick turnaround – he said it takes him about 30 minutes to actually paint the fabric once the idea is decided upon. “If the design isn’t too intricate, it can be a 15-minute project.” For the more detailed designs, the price is $35.

If you are interested in having your very own creation, stop by Roof Brothers in Paducah some Saturday when the artist is painting. It won’t take long, and the gift to yourself will keep you smiling in the kitchen for many years to come.