Best Place to Make a Difference

Scores of Paducah Bank employees give of themselves to civic organizations, charitable causes, religious efforts, educational programs, and much more. In upcoming editions of WOW!,

we will ask some of our co-workers to share with us what they’re doing individually or as a group of volunteers to make a difference in our community.

makeADifference_pbjIT SOUNDS LIKE A CLICHÉ, but I truly believe that we have a responsibility to leave this world a better place than we found it. For that reason, when opportunities for service touch our lives we should consider them carefully in relation to the specific ways that we’ve been gifted. I generally believe most things don’t happen out of coincidence, and so when the opportunity for serving in the Lunch Pal program was offered through the Human Resources Department of Paducah Bank, I knew that I was to be involved.

The experience of spending a short period of time on a regular basis with Dillon and his classmates has probably been more of a blessing for me than any benefit he, or they, may have received. It has been a few years since my own children were involved in early childhood education, and through this experience I think one of the most important things I’ve learned is the tremendous pressure many of our children face each day; pressure that comes from a diversity of directions and circumstances most of which are not of their making. I’ve also come to appreciate so much more the task and responsibility of the teachers, administrators and staff whose professional responsibility it is to teach and guide these young lives. I’ve observed that for many of those individuals, it is much more than a professional responsibility, but rather a true love for the child and desire to see them reach their individual highest potential.

The Lunch Pal program is a tremendous opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child, and one that really requires very little skill or special talent—a thirty-minute block of time, once every week or two, seated at a short table with a group of second graders who just enjoy your company, and get to ask you questions and share with you a portion of their lives. A child’s self esteem is enhanced when it is apparent to everyone in the class and cafeteria that somebody is interested in, and cares enough to spend a few minutes on a regular basis, with him. You become someone who is truly “their pal.” It truly is an untapped opportunity for us, as business men and women, to make an impact not only on a young life, but also the future of our community.

I appreciate the opportunity to work for a company that promotes such a strong commitment to the success of our community, both corporately and individually. It is a vital element, in my opinion, in making Paducah Bank the Best Place to Work.