Another Success Story from a Satisfied Customer of Paducah Bank

On the Saturday after New Year’s Day, I was looking forward to spending a Christmas gift certificate at Lela’s Boutique in downtown Paducah. When I walked in, the store had several shoppers in it and I was greeted, as always, by the owner, Jessiann McCarthy. She immediately began telling me a story which began . . . “Well, if I wasn’t already completely sold on Paducah Bank, I am now!”

Another success storyI told her I was certainly glad to hear that and asked what had happened. She told me the following story. Jessiann received a phone call from Pat Wimberly at Paducah Bank on Friday morning, December 26. Pat was calling to tell Jessiann that perhaps her credit card number was being used by someone else. Pat had noticed a few transactions on the card that were out of the ordinary for Jessiann. Pat asked her about the first one, but Jessiann had in fact made that charge. Then Pat said, “Well, how about two tickets to Bangkok?” Jessiann’s heart skipped a beat. No, she had certainly not charged two tickets to Bangkok.

Pat went on to explain the other unusual charges, none of which were charges Jessiann had made. It looked as if the transactions had been made from outside the country, and whoever had stolen her number had likely done it several days or even weeks earlier and had waited until the holidays to use the number, hoping the transactions would get lost in the holiday rush.

Needless to say, Jessiann was enormously grateful. “If these transactions had not been discovered, I would have lost many thousands of dollars and it would have significantly hurt my business,” Jessiann remarked.

“There were many things about the call that impressed me,” Jessiann added. “First, I couldn’t believe that it was 9 a.m. on the very first business day after Christmas, and Pat had already discovered the fraudulent charges. Second, that Pat was familiar with the types of transactions I normally processed and was therefore able to notice when something unusual occurred. And third, knowing that Pat and Paducah Bank are so diligently watching out for my financial well being assures me, yet again, that I am banking with the best bank in town.”