Across Town, Across the Globe

When a cardiologist in Norway (yes, the country!) was looking for a Porsche SUV, ProStyle Motorcars, a new luxury/performance car dealer in Paducah, sought it out, located just the thing, and managed to have it shipped to the desirous doctor. Yep, happens every day.

OK, well not every day, but it did happen again this winter as business buddies Tom Bottoms and Steve Wallace sent yet another vehicle to Norway in January.

AcrossTown_SteveWallace“Along with having these types of cars on our premises,” says general manager Steve Wallace, “we also do a lot of locator services. We find vehicles that people are looking for and ensure that it’s in A1 condition. Many of our locator services have been unusual requests. Although the Norway request was probably one of the most unusual!”

The duo’s ultimate goal is to provide a comprehensive package for the high-end auto market. Tom and Steve hope to grow their business in a way that offers local people more choices in both type of vehicle and type of service. “We hope to provide more choices and a more personal, low pressure alternative when purchasing a vehicle.”

Owner Tom Bottoms, originally from Illinois, moved to Paducah in the 70s and is now a bona fide Paducah patriot. Steve was born here, moved away for a time and has gratefully found his way back. “We researched our location with several characteristics in mind including income levels, population, growth, and access to the product,” Steve explains. “There was much more to our choice of location than being from Paducah, but it’s especially nice to be home.”

And what better place to turn for financing than Paducah’s hometown bank? The need to finance inventory is an obvious must for ProStyle. The inventory is fairly high with the types of vehicles the company deals with. Additionally, Steve adds, the transactions are much smoother since Paducah Bank takes care of wire transfers and rotating the funds the company needs to purchase inventory.

“Relationships are extremely important to any business and especially to small businesses. With our original emphasis on creating an atmosphere with low pressure and treating people with respect and courtesy, we wanted to partner with a financial institution that had those same values. We have known Alan Sanders for many years,” Steve says, “and knew that he conducts business in many ways that coincide with our philosophy of service, courtesy, and professionalism.”

Steve also likes the idea that he’s not a number, but a friend. “Paducah Bank develops a relationship with you on a personal level that others just don’t subscribe to. The days of the personal local bank are not over at Paducah Bank. That’s a very refreshing departure from other banks that have been overtaken by large corporations.”

Steve says he’s “fairly spoiled” by Alan Sanders’ support and personal service. “I’ve been surprised that the entire bank has the same philosophy. They make all our transactions seem effortless.”

That includes even foreign transactions, we suppose, like finding, financing, and ferrying a luxury car to Norway!