A “Plaza for Pets” at the New Furkidz

When the owner’s away, the dogs will play!

plazaForPetsOr, at least, they will at Furkidz Pet Hotel, Spa and Daycamp.

Furkidz is a new business that started in late 2013 after co-owners Michelle Fowler and Dena Rowe dreamed up the idea to establish a luxury pet hotel in Paducah. A step up from traditional kennels, the facility doesn’t keep “fur kids” in cages while owners travel on vacation.

Instead, pets enjoy tempered glass, stainless steel “suites” as well as elevated beds and feeders, two meals per day, and trips out into the Furkidz exercise yards.

For extra fees, the hotel offers other services such as real-time webcam viewings and daily email updates about pets. The day camp also allows animals time to interact with one another while the spa service provides pets with the full grooming experience.

Dena and Michelle have created the kind of facility in which they would want to leave their own fur kids.

Dena says since FurKidz opened, community response has been overwhelmingly positive, and she thanks the Paducah Bank staff for the role it played in making this dream a reality.

“They have been instrumental,” she says. “Besides just loaning us the money, they have given us some very, very good advice on the steps we need to take to get out into the community and to do some advertising and free marketing.”

The dogs are thankful, as well. The pet hotel has made such an impact on its furry clientele, says Dena, that owners have commented on how their pets get excited on the drive over. If the pets are happy, she says, the owners are happy.

And the pets are very, very happy in their luxury “hotel.”