A Perspective From the Past

Historic Values Provide Excellent Basis For 21st Century Commitments

A Perspective From the Past

In 1971, when Joe Framptom, CEO of The Paducah Bank and Trust Company, moved to Paducah, he left behind in Maryland a business history going back four generations. Joe’s great grandfather, Joseph T. Framptom, opened a funeral business in 1864 in Federalsburg, Maryland, in conjunction with his wagon and buggy business. Joe’s grandfather joined the business in the late 1880s, his uncle joined the business in the early 1930s, and Joe’s father, J. Jerome Framptom, Jr., joined the funeral home business in 1937.

“I grew up in the business, working from my early teens throughout college. I worked there after school, weekends, and during the summer,” Joe remembers. In 1967, after graduating from college with a business degree, Joe attended the American Academy-McAllister Institute of Funeral Service in New York City and became the fourth generation of his family to work in the business.

“The lessons I learned working with my father and grandfather during those years continue to have great value as I apply the same principles today in the banking business while serving the customers of Paducah Bank,” Joe comments. “I grew up understanding that excellent customer service requires a high level of personal commitment, that people in need of a service will seek out and return to those who demonstrate a caring and compassionate desire to serve, that successful businesses thrive on the creation of meaningful, lifelong relationships, and that honesty, ethics, and integrity do matter in ever y instance.”

Milner and Orr, this edition’s featured business, is a family-owned business dedicated to serving its local communities. Paducah Bank is exactly the same in Joe’s opinion. “My experiences in the family business enabled me to better understand the needs of clients like Milner and Orr and apply those lessons to the needs of our banking customers. It all comes down to this: mutually beneficial business relationships are successful only when dedicated individuals work in concert to consistently meet the needs of others. This is true for funeral homes, and this is true for banks.”