A Passion for The Mission

Newly Hired Lourdes CEO, Mike Yungmann, Lands in Paducah with Wife, Latrelle, and a Vision for the Future of Lourdes.

Mike Yungmann is a Florida Gators Fan, but he hopes Paducah won’t hold that against him. The new Senior Vice President of Mercy Health and CEO of Lourdes came by that habit honestly. A graduate of the University of Florida and native Floridian, Mike began his career as a physical therapist and worked in direct patient care for 11 years before beginning a segue toward administration. “As a PT, you get to see up close and personal the impact you can have on a patient when you help them regain their prior function,” Mike says. “Sometimes I miss patient contact; but in my current role, I feel like I can help equip a greater number of people who really share that same vision.”

Mike’s path took a few turns before leading he and his wife, Latrelle, and their chocolate lab, Drake, to Paducah six months ago. After earning a Master’s of Business Administration at St. Leo University just out- side Tampa, Mike was promoted to an administrator role in 2000. From there, he worked for a number of different hospitals and health systems in the roles of COO and then CEO. It was while he held such a position at Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center in Missouri that he and Latrelle first discovered Paducah. “We really enjoyed Missouri and often passed through Paducah while traveling to Nashville,” he says. “We always agreed that Western Kentucky was especially beautiful and the people were incredibly welcoming and friendly.”

Mike Yungmann A few years later, when Mercy Health approached Mike about a job opportunity in Paducah while he was serving as hospital President at BayCare Health System in Clearwater, Florida, Mike was all ears. “Florida is a great place, but it’s getting very crowded,” he says. “Paducah has that small-town feel, four seasons, and just an amazing variety of outdoor opportunities. It’s a great balance.”

It was more than pretty scenery, however, that sold Mike on Lourdes and Mercy Health. “I got into healthcare to make a positive impact,” he says. “Once I started getting to know Lourdes and Mercy Health, I became impressed with the warmth, compassion, and dedication of its employees and physicians. It really is outstanding. Mercy’s passion for and commitment to serving people regardless of condition: mental, physical, or spiritual is one that I share. That’s really what convinced me this is a team I wanted to join.”

Once in Paducah, Mike and Latrelle, though already familiar with the area, were still unprepared for what the city had to offer. “There are a surprising variety of cultural opportunities in Paducah for a place this size. We enjoy first-rate entertainment at the Carson Center, the entire riverfront, great restaurants in the downtown, and the arts district.” Mike also enjoys golf, hiking, and fishing. “Anything but tennis, really,” he adds with a smile. “I never could play tennis.”

Like any new opportunity, Mike’s position is not without its challenges. “Our biggest challenge is the same one facing the nation in general: the healthcare landscape is a rapidly changing environment. Like everyone else, we are experiencing a shift from individual encounters to population health,” says Mike. “It forces us to align with our community partners. The continuing challenge is to keep up the pace with what’s happening nationally. To be clear, I think a lot of these changes are good changes. We have to work hard to grow and adapt to the changing world so we can continue to fulfill our mission.” Fortunately, according to Mike, Lourdes has assembled a team of excellent physicians. “I have not been around a more supportive and collegial medical staff,” he says.