A Paducah Bank Homeowner Portrait

payden and dog photoPayden Harned is a proud homeowner, devoted dog owner, and delighted west end dweller

Home is where the heart is. A home of his own is also where Payden Harned is.

Thanks to the mortgage services and support of Paducah Bank, Payden Harned now heads home every night with a happy heart. Because at the end of the day Payden opens the door to his newly purchased home, and once he’s inside his buddy, Buddy, greets him with a happy wag—no doubt equally as excited about HIS new home.

Payden is a 25-year-old sales representative for AT&T and also a member of the National Guard. With his professional life in order and his patriotism in command, Payden recently made the decision to put down roots.

After finding a 1930s house on the west end of Paducah, Payden was ready to buy a place of his own in his hometown, and Paducah Bank was there to walk him through every step of the process. “Molly Bailey went through the documents line by line, making it so easy for me to understand,” he comments.

“It was the most pain-free thing I could ever imagine. It was more of a hassle to get my cable set up than to get my house financed,” Payden says with a laugh.

Payden adds that going through the process with Molly Bailey was a pleasure. “My favorite thing about Molly was if I couldn’t reach her by phone, I’d leave a voicemail. The next day she’d keep calling me until I answered,” he says. “Anytime I needed anything, she was there.”

Once Payden had purchased his home he soon made another domestic decision. He visited the animal shelter and brought home his first dog. So now “man” and his “best friend” are two pups in the perfect “pound” in west end Paducah.

Paducah Bank has not only helped this young professional become a proud homeowner, but here Payden has also found assistance in forming a plan to make sure his financial FUTURE is as bright as his present. “I was really nervous about putting my inheritance into someone else’s hands, but Wendy Kester is extremely knowledgeable,” he said, speaking of the financial planner. “So, she really put me at ease.”