A Custom-Made Career for Rebecca Canestrini

Custom made career3REBECCA CANESTRINI’S TALENT FOR CREATING CUSTOM clothing and accessories has led to a customized career for the artist turned manager. Rebecca was an early vendor at Jordan’s Market, a collection of specialty shops under one roof at Jordan Crossing shopping center near the Cinemark Theatre. When Falconite Development Group’s Nicki Roof began overseeing the market, she tapped Rebecca to manage the site of approximately 20 merchants.

Rebecca believes the eclectic mix under one roof is ideal. “It offers the opportunity for customers to have access to multiple types of merchandise in one place.” And much of the merchandise available at Jordan’s Market is not easily available elsewhere. Many items for sale at the market are hand-crafted, custom-made, or otherwise unique; and Rebecca’s custom designs are no exception.

Following the birth of her third child and first daughter, Bella Grace, nearly six years ago, Rebecca began designing and making pretty “girlie” items, such as hair bows and little girls’ artsy clothing. With items quickly snatched up by friends and family, the next step was a website, which, says Rebecca, “was my test to see if people other than family and friends would buy my stuff.” They did, and Rebecca saw the need to provide a walk-in location for shoppers. Jordan’s Market offered the ideal situation, where Rebecca could sell her own items alongside those of other merchants.

Custom made careerRebecca named her line of custom designs after her daughter and has since expanded to “That’s So Glam by Sweet Bella Grace.” Rebecca’s designs now include jewelry, handbags, baby items, and tu-tus, in addition to girls’ clothing and hair accessories. She is also introducing a line of Jeanius Jeans for girls and women.

Using designer fabrics and pop-art inspiration, Rebecca gives old jeans new life by decorating each leg. She says this approach is perfect for little girls whose jeans become too short but fit otherwise, since she can lengthen the legs with the artsy add-ons, and for women who have a favorite pair of old jeans that just need a little “sprucing up.”

Nicki says the multi-talented designer is turning out to be the perfect market manager. “Rebecca is great. As Falconite’s ‘point person’ for the location, I’m thrilled to have Rebecca on board.”

Custom made career2With day-to-day management responsibilities of handling customer service, recruiting merchants, and managing inventory, Rebecca still finds time to create her unique, art-influenced designs. “I love beautiful things; I love art; and I love creating,” she says.

Nicki adds one more love to the list. “We love Paducah Bank. They make banking easy. Suzi Narayanan and Miranda Wood are amazing. They handle everything; they’re like superheroes.” And that, agrees Rebecca, is custom-made service.