A Conversation with Maurie McGravey

It applies to more than sauce at Paducah Bank. It applies to the 100% participation and record contribution to the 2006 United Way Campaign.

WOW! It seems to be an expression frequently tossed around at Paducah Bank. This time it’s with regard to the bank’s 100% participation by employee/owners in the 2006 United Way Campaign. Bank participants contributed a total of $50,507 to this year’s campaign. That amount, combined with a matching 50 cents per dollar amount by Paducah Bank itself, amounted to a grand total (drum roll please) of $75,760.50. Not only is this a record-setting year for total contributions, but it’s the 10th consecutive year that the bank has experienced total participation by its people. “Every day I feel so fortunate to be able to work for this company and with each one of these great people,” comments Maurie McGarvey, the bank’s campaign chair. “I want to publicly congratulate each and every employee for being a part of this charitable solution for our community.”


The Conversation with Maurie

Q. What strategies did you employ to reach your campaign goal?

A. Strategies? We do several things. We provide incentives for giving such as cash gifts, days off, gift certificates. We invite guest speakers from United Way to come in and talk to our employees about the services they offer. We have contests to raise even more money and most importantly, we just ask. When asked, our employees always step up.

Q. How do you view the work of the United Way in this community?

A. In one word: indispensable. The Paducah/McCracken County United Way services only our city and county. Every gift stays here. Every gift is allocated to one of the 14 partner agencies or to other organizations in our community that have a need. Last year, they served 30,000 people in our community. That’s 30,000 friends and neighbors who, without the help of United Way, would have been on the street, not have had anything to eat, would not have been able to pay their electric bill or would not have had clothes to wear, and the list goes on. The lives of many of these people depend on the help they get from United Way. And it’s not just those who experience a tragedy in their lives. My son learned to swim with the Red Cross. My son is a Boy Scout. Both of these agencies are United Way partner agencies. So both my child and I have been a beneficiary of these services. United Way helps every citizen in one capacity or another.

Q. Why do you think the bank has such committed contributors among the staff?

A. The giving example is set by our leadership. Our leadership walks the talk and everyone who sees their commitment can’t help but be captured by it. It’s real, it’s unselfish and it’s passionate. And each person is ultimately a leader by accepting the responsibility for taking care of their community.

Maurie McGarvey, Senior Vice President/Human Resources Director at Paducah Bank has been a volunteer for United Way for 12 years in one capacity or another. She has served as President of the Board, Campaign Co-Chair, Member of the Campaign Cabinet, Loaned Executive, Secretary of the Board, BBQ on the River Run Volunteer, Community investment Panel Chair, and Paducah Bank’s Employee Campaign Coordinator. In 1997 she was named the Paducah/McCracken County United Way Volunteer of the Year, and in 1998 she was named the Outstanding Kentucky Volunteer by the United Way of Kentucky.