A Beautiful View of Paducah

FOR NEW LOURDES CEO, STEVEN GRINNELL, two roads converged and both led him to Paducah, Kentucky.

beautifulViewPaducahSteve accepted the leadership position at Lourdes, Paducah’s longstanding Catholic healthcare facility, in August 2006. Since that time he has come to applaud and embrace the community’s “sense of pride in its heritage and in the arts and cultural opportunities it provides.”

The roads that led here? One was US Highway 68, which runs through Steve’s hometown of Yellow Springs, Ohio. The other is US Highway 45, which runs through Steve’s wife, Mary’s, hometown of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. What a coincidence that both these historic ‘main streets’ ultimately led the couple to their new address. And for that they are grateful.

“We were fascinated when we visited the community for the first time,” Steve remembers. “We were pleasantly surprised to see a first rate performing arts facility, a full symphony orchestra, and a broad diversity of cultural events and offerings in a city of this size. It was a wonderful gift in addition to the opportunity of taking on my leadership role at Lourdes.” Mary Grinnell is an accomplished pianist and has, in her short year here, been actively engaged in performances in a number of Paducah venues including the Paducah Symphony Orchestra.

Steve’s mother was originally from the Murray-Calloway County area so the new CEO has roots in western Kentucky. He is excited to reconnect with family in the nearby community. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and a graduate degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia. The Grinnell’s three sons, who all currently reside in Michigan, are “the apples of our eyes. The important things to Mary and I are our family, our faith, and our friends. I’m so happy to say that we have found all of these things in abundance here in Paducah.”

“I see only good things in the future for this community,” Steve believes. “It’s encouraging to see the city and its local government taking steps to create an environment that is designed to attract and keep young professionals. I think that’s critical to maintaining this community’s past and current standing as a regional center of both business and beauty!”