A Beautiful History

AS CHARLIE AND GAIL RANSLER look out the original windows of their turn of the century home, they can take heart that, with their preservation of this historic structure, the future of other local landmarks might be a little bit brighter.

beautifulHistoryCharlie Ransler has been a history buff since he played with toy soldiers. His wife, Gail, joined him in the pursuit when they married. And amazingly enough, when they settled in Paducah in 1983, they were struck by the beauty and historic presence of the storied home in which they now live.

“As we drove down Broadway during our visit to look at locating here, we both commented on how beautiful the home was,” Charlie Ransler remembers. “Now we’re the home’s fourth generation of owners and we are so happy that we were able to revitalize it for perhaps another generation to come.”

The house was built in 1904 by W.A. Fowler. The home was originally a part of the 150-acre Edgewood Dairy, one of the early milk-producing operations in the Paducah community. The hipped roof, balanced end chimneys and columned porch are characteristics of the Colonial Revival style.

The Ranslers combed the home and outbuildings after the purchase, discovering a host of delightful architectural elements to restore or reuse inside the house, along with a few interesting artifacts including an engraved medallion from the Chicago World’s Fair.

“We would love to think that the successful restoration and rejuvenation of this home will encourage others to consider local preservation,” Gail Ransler adds. “ Once these beautiful pieces of our past are gone, they can never be reclaimed.”