A Beautiful Environmental Impact

GARY ZAKUTNEY AND KEVIN BAER are shedding some strong light on the world-wide concerns of energy consumption and environmental pollution. And they’re doing it from a corporate office deep in the heart of the rolling hills of western Kentucky.

beautifulEnvironmentalImpactCorporations and businesses are continually feeling the pressure that energy prices have on their profitability and that wasted energy consumption has on the total environment. Utilities Dynamics, the company founded by Gary and Kevin, offers productive, profitable, conscientious solutions to some of the energy issues facing small and large companies alike.

“Many of our clients have reduced their annual energy expenses between 25% to 50%,” comments Kevin Baer. “These savings are measurable, sustainable and have a significant effect on the organization’s bottom line as well as providing reductions of the ultimate expulsion of pollutants and the unnecessary drain on the nation’s natural resources.”

Utilities Dynamics Inc. was established in 1995 as a specialty engineering and management firm with expertise in development, design, analysis, and installation of energy management solutions. The company’s goal is to develop customized strategies that meet the needs of businesses without sacrificing quality or productivity while maximizing savings and profits.

“Our systems begin with a complete assessment of the company’s energy requirements coupled with their financial objectives,” Gary adds. “At all times we are focused on helping our clients achieve all their energy related goals and objectives.”

The company’s customer base includes specialty retail stores, education facilities, commercial and industrial clients. Some of their clients include Dollar General Stores, LimitedBrands, Inc., SuperValu supermarkets, the State of Kentucky, and Siemens Building Technology.

“It’s very gratifying to aid companies in not only being more operationally efficient, but in taking steps that positively impact the world we all live in,” Gary concludes.