A Beautiful Education

DR. BARBARA VEAZEY has been a student, an instructor, a college department chair, a dean of academic affairs, an interim college president, and is now the first woman president of the West Kentucky Community & Technical College. Dr. Veazey knows education. And she knows what a community college needs to not only survive, but to grow and thrive into the 21st century.

beautifulEducation“West Kentucky Community & Technical College will break ground on the Emerging Technology Center in the spring of 2008. An additional wing will be added to support engineering research by the University of Kentucky and other faculty for purposes of enriching the community’s economic development ability,” she explains. “We will launch the Paducah School for the Arts and actively campaign for renovation of a 50,000 square-foot building in Lower Town. We are currently building our first house that will be a part of the city’s Fountain Avenue rejuvenation project.”

Barbara Veazey has a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Murray State University, a master’s degree in nursing from the University of Evansville, and a doctorate in educational administration from Southern Illinois University. During her long and respected career at Paducah’s community college, she has developed new programs in occupational therapy assistance, physical therapy assistance, paramedicine, and health physics.

Dr. Veazey successfully led the merger of two separate colleges into an institution that is now on the cutting edge in workforce development and a leader for quality of life through education. Dr. Veazey is a national and international consultant on higher education and workforce development issues.

She was named the Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the Year in 2000, she received the Outstanding Alumni Award in 2002, and served as Chair of the Chamber in 2006.

But her passion is singularly focused on the provision of an excellent education for the people of this region. “One of our most urgent challenges in the years ahead is to provide the resources to attain and keep teaching technology at current and emerging industry standards. I think the real challenge to our community is to fully realize, at every level, the resources for a quality education that exist at the community college and to encourage more students to attend beginning at the middle school level.”