Paducah Bank commercial loans

About Us

We believe that every interaction we have with our customers should create a great memory.

That’s why we believe we’ve created a customer service environment at Paducah Bank that we hope is second to none.

We have a culture at Paducah Bank that is a vital part of our daily operation. We believe that we have created an environment where excellent products are generated, great service is crafted, and where individuals can reach their greatest potential as part of an award-winning team of employee/owners. And we believe that translates to an outstanding banking experience for you each and every time you call on us.

That excellent culture of service is the result of each employee/owner at Paducah Bank living out our core values every day as we manage our unique responsibilities on behalf of our clients. We expect our core values to reflect who we truly are and that they will inspire our customers to want to bank with us. These values become the foundation on which we build a better bank. They are fundamental principles in our lives and we believe that we all share these values in order to be not just a good company but a great bank.

A company driven by a purpose is unique. When people come together and align their passions with a purpose, they are no longer just going to work, completing daily tasks or collecting a paycheck, they are fulfilling an internal desire to truly make a difference.

At Paducah Bank, we all realize that we are part of something much bigger than a group of people working at a bank. We look at co-workers as a family that works, lives, laughs, and celebrates together. We also take that same sense of focus and commitment outside the walls of Paducah Bank and into our community. That’s why we like to say we’re not just Paducah Bank, we’re Paducah’s bank.

Joe Framptom, CEO