Facebook Helpful Hints

Facebook Helpful Hints.

So glad you could join us on Paducah Bank’s Facebook page. We love our fans AND our customers! And we want to make sure that your experience here on our page is informative, helpful, and fun. So we’d like to share a few hints on ways to keep our conversations safe and secure and respectful.

Facebook friendly.

Using social media can be very helpful as well as entertaining. We request that participants maintain a civil discourse in all dialogue on our Facebook page and kindly refrain from any language that might seem well, unseemly.

Privacy is important.

It is imperative that you NEVER provide any personal information about your account or your personal finances on Facebook. Keep all sensitive information off this public page.

Keep it simple.

To make this experience move quickly and easily for everyone, we suggest that everyone keep their conversations as brief and efficient as possible. But then again, don’t hesitate to say ALL the nice things you want about Paducah Bank. We DO love to hear them!

Show respect.

Please don’t post anything on Paducah Bank’s Facebook page that is:

-is libelous, profane, hateful, threatening or obscene.

-condones illegal activity.

-is sexual or offensive.

-contains spam or is intended to cause technical difficulties.

-is off-topic.

-violates any local, state or federal laws.


If you have a question about your account or a product, please don’t ask it on Facebook. Stop in and talk to a personal banker or call us at 1-270-575-5700.