To Many Businesses, Paducah Bank is a Real Treasure!

A fast-food chain and a mom-and-pop bakery are about as similar as burgers and cupcakes.

They sell different food. They employ different staff. And, they have different needs. That’s why Paducah Bank has focused on enhancing its Treasury Management Services.

Terry Bradley, Certified Treasury Professional, serves as Paducah Bank’s Senior Vice President and Director of Commercial Depository and Treasury Management. He consults with commercial clients, learns about their banking needs, and tailors banking services to aid cash flows in and out of their accounts.

Terry Bradley

“Basically, Treasury Management is a suite of services that enhance or add efficiency to what we refer to as cash cycle solutions for a commercial client,” he explains. “And so, it really takes into consideration the entire cash cycle.”

These services include online banking, sweep accounts, direct deposit, remote deposit capture, and more. And, of course, Treasury Management clients receive Bradley’s expertise as well. He has worked in banking for 33 years and has held a certification from the Association for Financial Professionals since 2008. His department caters to clients from the biggest grocery store chain to the smallest catering business.

On the following pages, you will learn about a few of Paducah Bank’s happy Treasury Management customers.