Behind Every Good School Stands a Good Bank

Money changes hands several times a day in a school system. Cash criss-crosses accounts, balances fluctuate, and transactions occur with regularity. And, behind every good school stands a good bank.

Johnna DeJarnett, the McCracken County School System Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Personnel, says her school system relies heavily on Paducah Bank’s Treasury Management services as well as on Terry Bradley.

Johnna and Terry

“He is my go-to person, and he can direct me or any of us where we need to go within the bank,” she says. “He just takes care of things for us.”

Johnna DeJarnett

Bradley helps operate the host of services the system needs to run its 11 schools. It uses direct deposit transactions to pay employee salaries, remote deposit capture services to deposit checks without bank visits, sweep accounts to move money from food services to general accounts each day, online banking, and more.

DeJarnett says Treasury Management services have made these daily operations efficient and easy. But, she says, Paducah Bank’s best asset is its staff.

“The level of customer service at Paducah Bank is exceptional,” she says. “The bank employees we work with are so good to us, and they are available any time we need them. They help out when we have any sort of question or problem.”

She believes that despite its abundance of resources and products, Paducah Bank’s greatest feature is its customer service. Terry Bradley works hard every day to prove her right.