Jim Kuhlmann

A business owner wants to run a business—not stand in a bank line.

At least, Jim Kuhlmann doesn’t. Kuhlmann owns and operates JMAG, LLC with his wife, Melissa. The business, located in in Harrisburg, IL, provides rent-to-own services to the portable storage building industry. Kuhlmann finds Treasury Management’s remote deposit capture service extremely helpful for depositing checks outside the bank, since his business is 54 miles from the main office.Jim Kuhlmann

“I originally thought being an out-of-town business might be a little bit of an issue because of the distance,” Kuhlmann says. “But it’s pretty smooth and allows us to stay here at the office more in- stead of running to the bank and doing our deposits that way.”Kuhlman Family

But, that’s not the only Treasury Management service he loves. He also appreciates the bank’s sweeping line of credit. Paducah Bank keeps a minimum amount of money in JMAG’s checking account and automatically sweeps the rest to pay down its line of credit balance, which cuts down on accruing interest. But when the company needs more cash on hand, the bank automatically pulls funds from the line of credit to cover expenses.

Kuhlmann has been so pleased with the system, he regrets switching to a Harrisburg bank for six months last year. Paducah Bank and Treasury Management understand his business so well that they meet his needs with little hassle. He says he didn’t know how good banking could get.